Pony and Horse Donations

Quest is always open to hearing about pony and horse donations (if they are sound, free of medical issues and they love children).  We have limited space at Quest, so we may or may not have any openings when you call, but we would love to hear from you anyway! 
Our therapists seek to match a specific type of horse to each client, based on height, width, contour, and movement.  We are seeking a variety of horse sizes - 15.1 is our maximum at this time.
Other requirements:  

  • 13.1 - 15.1 hands
  • Anatomically desirable:  contour of horse's back which will not predispose client to a poor alignment or provide too narrow of a base of support
  • sound, flexible, balanced, with symmetrical and VARIABLE movement (which can be varied by a leader vs a rider)
  • forward walk, be able to trot in hand
  • able to respond to a leader when confusing things are happening on its back
  • able to tolerate therapy equipment (walkers, Wheelchairs, bubbles, balls, noisy toys/velcro, bouncing of "clothesline" in arena)
  • able to tolerate sudden movements or unexpected noises from a child on thier back or mounting or dismounting
  • friendly, not nippy
  • healthy (not high maintenance or expensive medications)
  • able to get along with other horses
  • not girthy
  • a been there done that attitude

There is a full list of questions that we would be happy to go over with potential donors.  We have limited time for evaluations because of our therapy schedule.  If your horse or pony fits our criteria, our therapists will ask that the donor bring the horse to our facility for the initial evaluations at a designated time.

Important:  We need the ability to return horse if it does not work for us due to lack of space and funding.  Thank you for your understanding.
Please contact us for more information.