Sandy and Tobin

Sandy and Tobin

After eight years of dedicated service to Quest Therapeutic Services, we bid a fond farewell to our Barn Manager and friend, Sandy Miele. Although Sandy has assumed many roles during her time at Quest, we can credit a lot of the systems and organization in the barn to her, as well as her tender care of our horses. When asked about a few of her fondest memories during her time at Quest, Sandy shared the following stories.

“Most of my memories are around Sandy [McCloskey]. Many years ago, I wanted to take our fjord pony Tobin out on a paper chase, but Sandy said no for two reasons. The first was because Tobin had been in the habit of bucking off strange riders on trail and the one-day Sandy decided to ride him out, he bucked her off too. And the second was because I’d never been on a paper chase before. To resolve this reason, I went on a paper chase with a friend and rode a horse I hadn’t known. After that, I then asked Sandy again if we could go. She said okay, so she rode her horse Rick and I rode Tobin. We had a really great time. We were even cantering which we normally wouldn’t do when we were trail riding together.”


“A few years ago, I had this one child that loved tractors. I told Sandy about his love of tractors and she suggested that I give him a ride on our John Deere tractor the next time he came for therapy. And with his parent’s enthusiastic permission, I did just that. It was a special moment when we did anything extra like that. I love it when special things happen in the moment like that.”

“Just a couple weeks ago, I was bringing the golf cart from the back of the barn to the front. There was a therapist with her child at the back of the barn finishing up her session by doing a barn task and I asked if she would like to take a ride down the aisle on the golf cart. Sure enough the she and her therapist and climbed in and I gave them a ride to the front of the barn. Her face lit up the whole time, so I knew it was a special moment for her. Her therapist was also tickled by the experience, and her family was happy she got a ride in the golf cart too”

And finally, Sandy said, “I used to do a lot of riding in the early days. Since my husband’s health declined, I took a step back from training and riding. I continued to focus on the sessions, horse care and barn work. I missed the riding, but I did a few trail rides last week. I hope to come back and do one last trail ride with my favorite pony, Tobin!”

Thank you for being such an integral part of the Quest family, Sandy. We will miss you more than you know, but you’re more than welcome to come back to ride Tobin whenever you’d like!